About Me and My Obsession of Photography and Boutiques

About Me and My Obsession of Photography and Boutiques


Leslie, Click Pretty Boutique Photography

Hi, I am Leslie.

When I grew up, I always wanted to be an inventor.. My imagination was always creating and coming up with the next best thing that would help people with an on going problem. I created a few ideas that were really cool (well at least to me) that would never make it to the market place or even Shark Tank (but they did not even have that show until I became an adult), but that never stopped my other creative sides.  

I also have a deep love for horses. Ever since I was two years old, I have always had horses be a part of my life. My skill set included riding western, english and my ultimate focus was on showmanship (when showing a horse in halter) and horsemanship (when riding a horse), it was always about practice and perfection to try and win high point or grand champion of the show. Oh.. and lets not forget about costume classes... These were always a hoot when you entered into the arena. Year after year, my mind was always think on the next best thing that would win first place in costume contest.  

Well... We all have kids someday and then we get to be the grown up eventually. My passion for creating never stopped through my kids. Yes, I was that parent that showed her daughter the fun and excitement of showing horses and that coveted costume class.  

I dabbled in other things too with creativity. Let's not get into baking cakes and playing with fondant and sprinkles and piping.... 12 layers of goodness that consist of 3 layers of German Chocolate, Carrot Cake and lemon cake... It might sound completely disgusting, but don't knock it till you tried it.  Wilton's my best friend when I went to Hobby Lobby or Michaels craft stores...  

Boutique owner... Bennett Avenue Boutique


I have always had a place in my heart for boutique fashion and owning my own boutique.  I create my boutique business so I can be of great service to other women who are looking for the latest in fashion. I owned my mobile boutique from 2014 until 2019. Being on the road was fun, but it is extremely hard on the family. I have been in the boutique industry since 2009. It gives me great pleasure in serving the community by going to the local craft shows and bring the merchandise and products that I hand picked from the market places. The conversations, the friendships and relationships that you develop with your customers is simply amazing and so rewarding... Many great times and experiences come with being your own boss.

With owning my online boutique business, I noticed that...  you can't have stock images and expect your products to sell quickly. Even though stock images are free and easy to download and use, they are just not the branding message that I want to convey to my customers. There is something more and added value when you have control of your own branding and imagery on your website and social media.

Here enters my next big venture... You guessed it, the camera...

Since I have been an avid kid inventor, designer of horse costumes, baker of cakes, and the owner of my own boutique, why NOT pick up the camera and take photos too. Yippy!  

Bennett Avenue Boutique Craft Show Booth
The Boutique Hub Planning Board

Why photography??.

This is who I am today, a PHOTOGRAPHER....  

I love to help other businesses with one of the biggest struggles of them all, which is....  

...the dreaded products photography.

With the amount of time, creative in styling, countless hours of learning the camera, lenses and editing software, and expenses that go into buying all the equipment and props.  I would love to be your go to girl for your product photography needs. I never stop learning, creating and being the best entrephotographer I can be, even during the most challenging times.

With my creative nature, loving to win over my competition, help other people in fashion & styling and finally helping other business owners, it only made perfect sense that I pursued a career in fashion photography for boutiques, retailers, brands and manufactures of these products.  

My promise to you is.... Your business is my business. I care just as much as you do when it comes to styled images, an award winning website, social followers, engagement on your products and ultimately your sales... When you you achieve these engagements in your business, then I have too.  

Please let me know how I can help you today, I am here to help you anytime that you need me.

Cheers and chat soon,


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