Custom Lifestyle Branding Photography

Custom Lifestyle Branding Photography

CUSTOM LIFESTYLE BRANDING | Photography Monthly Packages


*Most Popular for consistent marketing.

Is there is a reason why you stop scrolling in your social media? Yes, it is because you saw something you liked that caught your attention... Why?? Because a bad ass photo can do that..  

  • Making an instant connection with your followers and customers is paramount... Your customers eyes are immediately drawn to your images before they even click on your links or tags.  
  • With keeping your customers attention with amazing photography, they will offer their time to stop scrolling and interact with your business.
  • Social Media.... like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook demand the highest quality of styled images in order to stop a person from scrolling. You have 5 milliseconds to capture their attention.

We are in the fastest paced marketing era and if you are not constantly posting on social media, your customers will soon forget about you. You need to have a marketing strategy and new images every month in order to keep the attention of your customers and followers.

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Client Benefits
Tiny Package
Mini Package
Platinum Package
Client Benefits

These are only some of the client benefits that you will receive..

Clean and simple the whole way through your photography sessions. 

You will have daily and FULL ACCESS to me to discuss your photography needs during your photography session.

  • No studio set up fee.
  • All Props provided for each shot.
  • Three image file sizes professionally edited, as follows uploaded into your gallery:
    • Original file size - 300 dpi for print and publication
    • Cropped size for social media and website 300 dpi when needed
    • Cropped size for social media and website 72 dpi for faster download on your web pages
  • Delivery time depends on service(s) booked. Time estimate provided prior to booking.
  • You have access to your own private gallery 24/7 online.
  • Free digital downloads and All Rights to your photos.
  • Your own private locker to store your products at our studio to use for future photoshoots to reduce on shipping cost to and from.
  • Your products are covered by our insurance (The Hartford) when they are located at my studio.

BONUS: WE LOVE to share our some of our clients special products images with others.  Your products could appear on our social media pages tagged with your business to direct other's where to buy your amazing items.   We believe in the promotion of small businesses.  Something super cool needs to be highlighted and shared. 

Tiny Package

Do you need just a few images per month?  This package size is perfect for you.  You will receive:

  • 4 Life Style Flat Lay images
  • 1 Modeled image


Mini Package

Do you need a little more images per month?  This package size is perfect for you.  You will receive:

  • 6 Life Style Flat Lay images
  • 4 Modeled


Platinum Package

Do you need about a half month of images?  This package size is perfect for you.  You will receive:

  • 10 Life Style Flat Lay images
  • 5 Modeled


Styled Products

I am sure that you have scrolled through your social media and you stopped in your tracks to look at something that was very appealing or even went as far as following through to the website to learn more about the product that caught your eye??? Why, does this happen?  

  • Styling is hard and especially when you have to capture the look and feel that you need to portray of your products in a real life situations.  
  • With my many years experience within the boutique industry, constantly learning new techniques in photography, I am able to create the creative needed to make your social media followers stop scrolling, start interacting and follow through to your website...
  • It takes a combination of three things, lighting, styling and the right editing to make your product feel more appealing to your customers. By having the proper styled image vs. something that is thrown together, you will gain more attention and interaction with your customers, that will eventually lead to their confidence in shopping with you and a sale.

Customers want to see on how they can use your products. They want to know what the experience would feel like before they make their purchase. You wouldn't buy something if it looked suspect or of poor quality, neither would your customers.

Mixologie Bare Body Wash
Mixologie Mini Bare Fragrance

Lifestyle | Modeling

Adding a human element can make the world of difference between a sale and no sales at all. People like to relate to other people and see how they personally would look too when they used your products.  

  • Your customers need to know how your products will make them feel or look and even learn how to style on what you are selling them.  Many people want to be informed on "HOW TO" because they simply don't know "how to" and a simple way in making this possible is with human lifestyle imagery.  
  • With our model or your own, I can put your products to work in real life situations. Here is a perfect example... This model is showing you the sure size of the mini fragrance bottle, plus she is showing you on how and where to apply the fragrance on her body. with the combination of like coordinated colors. Easy to relate to, isn't it? YES!!
  • People like to feel good..... and when you put your products in a feel good situation, it can pull at the emotions of your customer feelings, needs, wants or desires.

Customers want to see on how they can use your products. They want to know what the experience would feel like before they make their purchase. You wouldn't buy something if it looked suspect or of poor quality, neither would your customers.

The Boutique Hub Planner 2024
Twine CBD Roll on
Save The Girls Treasure Traveler
Too Blessed to Be Stressed Devotional
Wild and Free Graphic t-shirt Flat Lay
Thomas and Lee Co. Nylon Fanny
Be Kind Sticker on Flat Lay
Click Pretty Faith Tumbler
Cardio over Coffee BonJour Blend
Click Pretty Hair Floral hair Scrunchy
Click Pretty Necklace with Jesus and Charms
Click Pretty Animal Print Earrings
Mixologie Modeling Products
Mixologie Applying Fragrance to wrist
Twine CBD Facial and Eye Cream Flat lay

Let's start working together today to kick start your social media or to make your brand a little more light, bright and airy.