Styled Flat Lay Photography for Products Templates

Styled Flat Lay Photography for Products Templates


Already designed and styled flat lays ready and waiting for your products to be photographed on.  Our signature flat lays are a simple as shop, buy, send your products and we will take care of the rest.  You will receive your products perfectly photographed on the template of your choice.  We have included some examples of products that will be perfectly suited for these templates, however, if you see on that you really love and think that will be a perfect fit for your product, that is definitely do-able.  Find flexibility and convenience and leave it in the professionals hands to make the magic for you.  Very simple, easy for you.  Benefits with buying a template are the following:

  • access to your own private gallery to download your photos
  • all copyrights to use your images how you please
  • insurance coverage for the wholesale value of your products while in my home studio

Let's get your website, social media, or Etsy store looking simply amazing with your products to gain you sales. 

*templates are universal and cannot be purchased for full copyright designs rights.  

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  • Purchase the template that you love and that will best fit your products.  
  • Each item that you add to cart is considered on shot for a single item.  
  • Example:  If you have 4 products you need to have photographed, you would add 4 Front shots to your cart.  If you needed the back of the product photographed you will also add 4 back shots to your cart.  This will be for a total of 8 shots needed.
  • Give us a brief outline on what your vision is for your products in the link included within your confirmation of purchase sent to your email.  


  • Send your products to our P.O. Box address provided in your confirmation of purchase sent to your email.
  • Please make sure that you include the best of the best products that you have to offer as your models.  
  • Please look for scratches, nicks, dings, snags, pulls and all the imperfections.
  • Make sure that you items are wrapped individually so they make the journey dry and safe.
  • Send in a cardboard box so all your items are insured to arrive in one piece.

You might consider shipping your items with insurance protection while in transit.



  • Your products will be placed on your purchased template and photography will be taken of each item you sent.
  • Your items and images will be inspected for quality and edited to natural editing photo perfection standards.
  • These styled flat lay templates are all Lightroom edited vs. Photoshop.  Some very sight imperfections might be noticed.  Click Pretty Boutique Photography focuses on the natural beauty of your products and is not a commercialized photography service where your product looks glossy or fake. 
  • Your products desire the limelight in it natural form and that is what sets us apart from other product photographers.
  • On average most customers want to see and learn the real natural beauty of your products. 
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